When is the right time to have a baby?

In life, there are some steps you need to take, right? And each step it’s a stepping stone for your foundation. All the things you learn and live will take a toll on your future self. These things will prepare you for the future, for the future business woman, for the future mom, for the future wife. After school, you graduate and you face the world. After The first question asked to you will be: what will you do next? What job do you want? After you have a decent job, next question it’s obviously about boys. When will you introduce us you boyfriend? When you have a serious boyfriend, you will be asked: when will be the wedding? You get married. The next question is: the baby?

Nowadays, the society pressures you to fall in line with others. You don’t wanna be too old to make a baby or not to make a baby. A lot of stereotypes that affect us on some levels.

When is the best time to have a baby?

For every age, there are pros and cons, drawbacks and benefits:

  • in your 20’s, you can manage the baby’s energy so you won’t be overwhelmed by it. As a downside, money are an issue at this age. You are at your starting point in your career, you don’t have money saved and you won’t be able to sustain your baby’s needs without financial help.
  • in your 30’s it’s just right. You had your wild years and you are ready to take the dive. As a drawback, if you were younger, it would have been easier for the body to recover, to loose the extra weight you gained¬†during pregnancy.
  • ¬†in your 40’s, you are a career women with the power to choose what you want to do next. All the things that shaped you as a person will help you raise the baby properly. The major drawback are the age and all its consequences.
  • after that, it’s faith or it’s like rolling a dice.

So… when is the right time to have a baby?

The timing is the key. Everybody is different with different stories. Will you want a baby in your 20’s? Post-uni? When you have a career? When? I have the right answear: when you FEEL prepared and when you ARE prepared. Stop obsessing about this subject and makethe decision to let the universe grant it.

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