What to do when you are in a clothing dilemma

Hello, girls!

When you are a little girl, your mom is in charge of your wardrobe. You grow up and you start to choose your own clothes. Soon enough you formed your own style to suit your personality. But what do you do if you don’t have a well defined style? You buy clothes that suit your figure and you try to form your style slowly.

When you are in highschool, you feel the need to be unique clothes wise. If you go to school and you have the same dress as your colleague, you have two options: one to be upset, two- to laugh hard. If you go to a party and the same thing happens, you need to do something, right? You need to find a way to buy unique clothes, great for your wardrobe, suitable for you and your personality. So, what do you do?

You choose online shopping. The probability that another girl will wear the same thing as you is close to 0. I wanted cute clothes, but also at a great price, so I chose Yoins.

For every party I chose a dress from gorgeous sexy dresses for women. There I found nice dresses at a nice price. Special dresses with great design ready to be worn.


For school and day to day, I chose clothes from various fashion tops online. Great t-shirts with great logos.

For when I went out with my friends, I chose simple sweatshirts or elegant tops.



What do you do when you are in a clothing dilemma?


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